Routledge Leisure and the Changing City 1870 1914 (Routledge Revivals)

By the late nineteenth century, city had become dominant social environment of Britain, with majority of population living in large cities, often over 100, 000 inhabitants. The central concern of this book, first published in


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Routledge Children and Their Changing Media Environment

Focusing on the meanings, uses, and impacts of new media in childhood, family life, peer culture, relation between home school, this volume sets out to address many of questions, fears, hopes regarding changing place of


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Disney Loungefly The Princess And Frog Palace 26 Cm Violet Size: One unisex

Sac à dos Loungefly Disney Palace The Frog Tiana Princess 26cm.Taille:22,5x26,25x11,25cm.


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Palgrave Macmillan Changing Social Risks and Policy Responses in the Nordic

The Nordic welfare states have found themselves in firing line of post industrial developments, resulting in fundamental changes and new social needs to attend to. This book explores responses to changing risks across areas such as stru


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Disney Enesco The Princess And Frog Tiana Naveen In Love 11 Cm Multicolore

Disney a pris une tournure surprenante et délicieuse la princesse classique de la tradition des grenouilles lorsque Tiana et Naveen sont devenus verts. Mais, malgré leurs nouveaux yeux exorbités et ventres gluants, le couple est toujours tombé amoureux.Caractéristiques:Amphibiens de la collection Traditions by Jim ShoreMagnifiquement peint à la main et fabriqué à partir de résine de pierre de haute qualité avec un style complexe et attention


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Psychology Press Predicting and Changing Behavior

This book describes the reasoned action approach, an integrative framework for prediction and change of human social behavior. It provides an up to date review of relevant research, discusses critical issues related to


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Routledge Extractive Industries and Changing State Dynamics in Africa

This book uses extractive industry projects in Africa to explore how political authority and the nation state are reconfigured at intersection of national contestations global, transnational capital. Instead of focusing on techno


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Routledge Changing Media, Homes and Households

Media technologies have played a central role in shaping ideas about home life over the last two centuries. Changing Media, Homes and Households explores complex relationship between home, householders, families media


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Loungefly Wallet The Princess And Frog Violet Size: One unisex

Portefeuille Loungefly Disney Palace The Frog Tiana Princess.


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Medical Information Science Reference Chronic Mental Illness and the Changing

Although the epidemiology of mental illnesses is innately complex, there have been many strides in diagnosis and treatment of chronic as more research is being conducted in field. As information becomes available,


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